RTG (RealTime Gaming)

RTG (RealTime Gaming)

RealTime Gaming is a big name in the online casino USA world, and with good reason: there are very few US software developers that can claim the quality and variety of games that RTG offers. You can find numerous RTG tournaments online that don’t require a deposit to enter. And for MAC users this software is known for being flexible and adaptable, and that it is completely compatible with Mac. If you decide to enter a tournament, you will compete against other members for cash prizes. There are buy in and non buy in tournaments, so check the rules before playing. When joining a particular online casino’s slot tournament, you will need to become a member. For a “buy in” tournament, members buy in at a flat rate and receive a predetermined amount of time and tournament chips. You then put your spin skills to the test and watch your ranking on a real time leader board. However, not all tourneys have buy-ins.

In addition to a full range of classic and modern table games and other casino mainstays, RTG’s signature games are the Real Series Slots. These instantly-recognizable games are designed with serious attention to detail and thorough understanding of the real-world slot machine pedigree. I just love staying at home on a wintery freezing cold evening with all my friends over for a great night of online gambling. With our North Face fleece jackets hanging from hooks in the hall, beer in the frig, with lots of snacks to feast on…hey, this is perfect! We usually play in both buy in or freeroll tournaments. This is just an aside, but if you aren’t familiar with the sporting goods company of North Face, you should be. First of all the philosophy of the company is right on: they encourage people to experience the outdoors, AND they believe in protecting the environment and addressing the impacts of climate change. Environmental responsibility is integrated into their company culture. Plus, they have amazing products for all sorts of outdoors activities. All of their fleece jackets have some amount of recycled polyester. There is also a guaranteed Lifetime Warranty on North Face fleece jackets, which pretty much says it all. They make quality stuff for the outdoors!

RTG slot games offer features that few if any can match in the online slots world. While many slots are now impressively fast and graphically appealing, Real Series Slots (eg: US slots online offer incredible animations with smooth performance — even on computers that are, shall we say, somewhat less than state-of-the-art (my trusty old Pentium can handle it!).

Love it. Love it. What I don’t like is how some people simply can’t control their gambling. I have a friend who not only gambled too much, but also drank too much. Notice the past tense in those declarative sentences? Amazingly he discovered an online program for alcoholics that haven’t been able to follow AA’s 12 step, abstinence programs. Instead this site treats people’s excessive drinking not as if its a disease, but as a symptom of a larger psychological issue. This new approach uses pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. The medication they prescribe is baclofen, which turns out to be an efficient drug to stop alcohol abuse. Doctors in Europe have been prescribing baclofen as the primary treatment for people who drink excessively for quite a while now. Baclofen removes or strongly suppresses cravings for alcohol in 92% of people. Initial clinical trials show that Baclofen has a 65% success rate for treatment-resistant alcoholics, allowing them to return to low- or medium-risk drinking. Interestingly not only did baclofen remove my friend’s craving for alcohol, he also is no longer exhibiting out of control gambling habits. He is so much nicer to be around. He’s back playing RTG games with us every other weekend.

While many modern slots offer free spins and bonus features, such things are standard on the Real Series Slots, and unlimited. In fact, the top jackpots on these online slots beat just about anything else out there, with the exception of huge progressive jackpots…speaking of which, each Real Series Slots title has Random Progressive Jackpots. The only thing that you have to do to win these monster amounts is play; even if you lose, you have a chance to win the progressive! Welcome back, Joey.

But, of course, RTG is about more than just slots. The various versions of blackjack, roulette, and video poker are all excellent, as are the baccarat and craps. My personal choices for RTG casinos are:

  • Cherry Red Casino (http://www.cherryredcasino.com/) – clearly outstanding, a recommended winner in every category
  • Planet 7 Casino (http://www.planet7casino.com/) – a universe of options but down-to-earth customer service
  • Aladdin’s Gold (http://www.aladdinsgoldcasino.com/) – the games are great, but it’s worth a trip for the website design alone!
  • Lock Casino (http://www.lockcasino.com/) – sleek VIP-themed newcomer with solid support and security
  • Silver Oak Casino (http://www.silveroakcasino.com) – a time-tested favorite, excels at everything you need in an online casino

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