Cryptologic and Wagerlogic

Cryptologic and Wagerlogic

In 1995, the brothers Rivken started what was to be one of the finest online casino software companies of our time: Cryptologic. The company, and its subsidiary WagerLogic, would probably be the preeminent supplier of online casino games in the world…if only they weren’t so very picky about who they do business with.

Only a few short months ago the command at Ft. Stewart announced the grand opening of “Rocky’s” night club. What had once been a family sports center now became a full-fledged bar established on post to give soldiers a safe environment in which to drink their troubles away when the prayers didn’t work and the steeple lost its power. The wifi also allows soldiers to enjoy access to a useful & distracting casino directory to find some online slots US friendly casino sites offering US slots + bonuses. A beer and some online slots allows steam to blow off and relieve some stress. No judgements passed here – these guys just want to take their minds off the serious business of soldiering and if that means some gambling, no problem. No one expects them to hit the slots big, or to lose enough to matter. They’re lucky that the technology exists to let them find a game, even if it’s on the other side of the world. But before long the lawyers at Cryptologic were checking to make sure their software was not being abused by this kind of use. Crazy!

So Cryptologic are super selective now that they are successful and they are the kind of folks you would need to send champagne gift baskets to cement a business deal. Regular gift baskets with gourmet or sweet treats wouldn’t do. Only the best gift baskets for the best. Just think about it. If you want to impress a client do you send a high quality keepsake container gift basket filled with both Dom Perignon 2004 and Groth Cabernet Sauvignon, fluted champagne glasses, wine glasses plus an assortment of savory delicacies and sweets, including Rosemary Garlic Pairing Crackers, Godiva Milk Chocolate Cashews, Amaretto Fudge Truffles or do you send a Champagne & Caviar gift that is every bit as exciting to receive and open, as it is to sip and savor. I think both would make a great impression. But quite frankly, these folks were just hard to impress.

It’s that same type of arrogance and assuredness that would make people like them a real pain in the #@! if you were to have a car accident with them. I can just imagine the other driver claiming it was your fault, never their fault for the accident. But if you or some one else in your car were seriously injured and you felt that the other driver were at fault, then with these types of “hardheads”, I would recommend calling a car accident lawyer for some advice. If you can prove the other driver, in this case people like the Rivken brothers were to blame, I’m sure the car accident lawyer would have a good idea how much your case is worth and ultimately help you recover the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled. If you think I sound little hot under the collar, it’s because I was in such a car accident a year ago and I had to go the route of a law suit.

Well, their loss of market share is our gain, because it basically means that the few Cryptologic or WagerLogic casinos out there are pretty much guaranteed to be extremely trustworthy and highly-regarded companies. That description also applies to many of the sites that use their software. You’ll find some of the most consistently-recommended online casinos are members of this exclusive club.

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